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Economics 9th & 10th 3/14/24

~Complete Review questions on Opening and Maintaining Transaction Account packet. Due Tuesday

~Work on the Budget worksheet/ packet to be turned in on 3/28/24

Type a 1 page paper and explain why a budget is important and how it will be beneficial to one's household. 200-250 words

Give me a brief overview/ description of the job you have chosen and include your gross salary.

Also figure out your net income which is the amount you will base your household budget off of. Use the 24.4% for GA for your taxes that will come out of your Gross total.

Base your budget off of your monthly income. What is left over each month is what you would have to do extra things or money you can put into savings for the future.

Break down your yearly net income by monthly, weekly, and hourly on separate sheet.

If you need help, just let me know. We will go over this part in class if anyone needs help.

Start researching and looking at how much your house payment could be according to the house you want to have as well as your car payment.


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