General Science (Sept. 21-23)

Tuesday: Read p. 57-58 Take notes on “Experiments & Variables” Define “experimental variable”. Own Your Own (OYO) 3.1-3.3

Wednesday: Read p. 62-64. Take notes..Create a Data table as instructed in the reading and Add to your Lab Book. Do On Your Own (OYO) 3.4.

Thursday: Read p. 65-70. Take notes.. Define Control (of an experiment). Do Explore More p. 68. Own Your Own (OYO) 3.5-.37. Finish experiments and write-up in lab book.

Project for Module : Write Up for our Experiment 3.1 and 3.3 due Wed., 29th. (I’ll take them home to grade both 2.1 and 3.1 and 3.3.) I am providing tea lights. ***Doing the extra experiments in each module and writing them up in your Lab Book will equal EXTRA CREDIT for this class each quarter. Write EXTRA CREDIT at the top of the page in your Lab Book. (The amount of extra work determines the number of points added to the test needing it the most.)

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