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Government 9th & 10th 9/29/23

DUE: October 10,2023

Topic: "The Diminishing influence of Biblical values in the public life today."

Will need to include:

  1. ~Write a paper of 400-500 words summarizing the life of your Founding Father. ~ Biographical information, his beliefs regarding government and the importance of Christianity and the Bible in government. ~How he would likely respond to the topic. ~Add a list on a separate page of at least 3 resources that you used to get your information. You can use as many as you want.

  2. You need to print and include at least 2 of your articles/ resources concerning the topic in your folder.

  3. Your folder needs to be neatly arranged with a title page, a picture of your founding father, your 400-500 word paper, 4 scripture verses concerning God's laws, and at least two of the articles you used.

~You will need a folder/ cover for your project/paper.

~Include the Topic in your paper.

~Include how you see that the influence of Biblical principles that the country was founded on has continued or diminished today.

~It needs to be typed!!!!!!!

~Please let me know how many words you have in your paper. Write the number of words in corner of paper.

~Font: Times New Roman; 12

~Doable spaced

~Due on Tuesday, October 10,2023

~No exceptions~

Instructions were also sent home. If you lost yours, ask me for another copy. If you can't remember who your Founding Father is ...ASK me!

DON'T wait until the last day to work on it!!!!!


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