Grade 3 ELA: Labor Day Weekend

Students don't have any extra homework assignments over this wonderful Labor Day weekend. However, I did send home the new spelling and vocabulary words for next week.

After thinking it through, I've decided to do make some modifications to the spelling test. I want students to be challenged, but I also don't want them overwhelmed--and I know some of the words from our novel are advanced. So, I am changing the 'spelling test' format to include a majority of regular words, but turning some of the more difficult words into bonus words. This way, the students won't be penalized for missing the bonus words, yet they can earn extra points if they spell them correctly.

However, ALL the words will still be on the vocab test since it's a matching format--at least for now.

3rd Grade Spelling and Vocabulary Words for September 7-9, 2021

All words are from The Courage of Sarah Noble

Students will be given one test for spelling and a separate test for vocabulary (matching) each Thursday!

Spelling Words and Definitions:

1. beauty—good looks, loveliness, a pretty woman (BONUS WORD)

2. coarse—rough, not delicate, crude

3. divided—shared, split, separated, disagreed

4. fearfully—timidly, frightfully, horribly, terribly

5. glowed—burned, was red hot, shone as if hot

6. hollowed—dug out, scooped, excavated

7. pattern—design, model, example, sample

8. piece—portion of something, part, scrap, patch

9. solemn—serious, formal, gloomy, somber (BONUS WORD)

10 . valley—lowland between hills, glen

11 . wearily—tiredly, having one’s patience exhausted (BONUS WORD)

12 . weather—climate, the elements (rain, wind, snow, etc.)

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