Grade 4 ELA: Labor Day Weekend

Students don't have any extra homework assignments over this wonderful Labor Day weekend. However, I did send home the new spelling and vocabulary words for next week.

As you noticed on the paper, I made some changes to the spelling test format. I want students to be challenged, but I also don't want them overwhelmed--and I know some of the words from our novel are advanced. So, I kept the majority of regular words but turned some of the more difficult words into bonus words. This way, the students won't be penalized for missing the bonus words, yet they can earn extra points if they spell them correctly.

However, ALL the words will still be on the vocab test since it's a matching format--at least for now.

4th Grade Spelling and Vocabulary Words for September 7-9, 2021

All of these words are taken from The Sign of the Beaver.

Students will be given one test for spelling and a separate test for vocabulary (matching) each Thursday!

Spelling Words and Vocabulary Definitions:

1. adz—an ax-like tool used to shape wood or heavy timbers

2. contemptuous—sneering and scornful of others (BONUS WORD)

3. dumfounded—confused or unable to speak

4. finicky—too fussy or picky

5. glinted—flashed, gleamed or shone briefly

6. hastily—quickly, rapidly, rashly, unwisely

7. incomprehensible—can’t be understood, hard to explain (BONUS WORD )

8. nonchalantly—coolly, casually, indifferently (BONUS WORD)

9. ordeal—trial, test, suffering

10. ridiculous—silly, absurd, not sensible

11. rigid—stiff, firm, not bending, strict

12. spliced—joined by weaving together, linked

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