Grade 4 ELA: Weekend Assignments

-Finish BJU Grammar pg. 2 (Sentences and Fragments).

-Read chapter 9 in The Sign of the Beaver and answer the chapter 9 comprehension questions. Use complete sentences.

-New spelling/vocab words for next week were sent home today, but here they are again.

4th Grade Spelling and Vocabulary Words for September 14-16, 2021

All of these words are taken from The Sign of the Beaver.

Students will be given one test for spelling and a separate test for vocabulary (matching) each Thursday!

Spelling Words and Vocabulary Definitions:

1. chagrined—distressed, humiliated, embarrassed, vexed

2. disgruntled—in a bad mood, angry, unhappy

3. goad—poke, annoy, urge; a pointed stick for herding cattle

4. improvise—do on the spur of the moment, make do, get by

5. inflict—cause to suffer, impose, give a blow

6. pleaded—begged, prayed, argued

7. puny—small and weak, scrawny, unimportant

8. refused—said no, declined, denied, rejected

9. retorted—answered angrily, snapped back

10. stalking—pursuing without being seen, tracking, hunting

11. superior—excellent, better, above, leader, acting arrogant

12. tuft—bunch, clump, cluster


All words will still be on the vocabulary test.

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