Grades 3, 4, 5/6 ELA: Weekend Work

All Grades: We are completing our novels this week and the first of next week, and I can honestly say we have thoroughly enjoyed going through them together! We will review past spelling/vocabulary words next week, do some activities together, and prepare for an 'end-of-the-book' project that will be due on October 28th. This project will count as the test grade, and I will send the project information and options home next Tuesday (the 19th). But don't worry, the projects will simply be a fun and educational way for students to express something they've learned from reading the books.

Therefore, there will be NO spelling/vocabulary tests next week.

That said, we WILL be beginning our new books before these projects are due, but I do want to give students enough time to finish up and share with the class.

I also want to commend the students on their hard work. I know the spelling and vocabulary words from our novels have often been challenging, but they have done a FANTASTIC JOB!

Grades 5/6: No extra homework this weekend, unless they are making up missed classwork.

Grade 4: Finish reading chapters 22-23 in The Sign of the Beaver. Answer the questions from both chapters in complete sentences. We will finish the last two chapters next Tuesday.

Grade 3: No extra homework this weekend.

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