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Grades 3/4 and 5/6 ELA: 4-19-23

Grades 3/4:

-Your BJU Grammar test over chapter 7 is tomorrow. Please review all the worksheets we've done in this chapter to get ready. The test will be just a 1-page (front/back) format.

-There is no assigned reading work in Little House in the Big Woods for tonight.

Grades 5/6:

-Read chapter 22 in The Great Trouble and create two questions.

-Your BJU Grammar test over chapter 7 will be on Tuesday. To get ready for the test, it is a good idea to review all the previous worksheets in the chapter to refresh your memory on all the different types of study and reference skills we covered. We did a specific 'chapter 7 review' worksheet today, and we will do another one tomorrow. The test format will be a 1-page (front/back) format very similiar to the one we did today.

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