Grades 3/4 and 5/6 ELA: 5-3-22

All Grades:

Remember, there are no spelling or vocabulary tests this week. We WILL have one more test each for spelling/vocabulary next week, but it will need to be on Wednesday since next Thursday is 'Fun' Day. I will send home new words this Thursday. We will also have the last BJU Grammar test next week (Tuesday) over Chapter 9 (Pronouns).

So the schedule for next week will be:

Tuesday, 5/10: BJU Grammar test over Pronouns in Chapter 9 (all grades)

Wednesday, 5/11: Spelling and Vocabulary tests (all grades)

Thursday, 5/12: CHESS FUN DAY!

For today:

Grades 3/4:

Read chapters 11-13 (pgs. 120-153) in Farmer Boy and answer the comprehension questions in complete sentences.

Grades 5/6:

-Finish BJU Grammar worksheet pg. 168.

-Some students still need to turn in the completed first draft for their reports by tomorrow.

-Read chapter 9 in A Door in the Wall (pgs. 86-103). (No questions)

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