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Grades 3/4 and 5/6 ELA: 9-21-22

All Grades:

New spelling/vocabulary word lists will be sent home tomorrow. Also, I was out of town last weekend with a sick relative (and was sick myself the week before). I got behind on grading some of the previous spelling/vocabulary tests, but I plan to send those home tomorrow. Remember--I do give second chances... especially here at the beginning of the year. If your child needs to retake a test, that is totally fine. They just need to tell me they want to do a retake, and we will figure out the best time to do so.

Grades 3-4:

-Read chapter 9 in Follow My Leader and answer the chapter 9 questions in complete sentences. There are a lot of questions, so if students do not get finished, no worries! We can work on them together in class tomorrow after our grammar test.

-Review the BJU Grammar chapter 1 review worksheet (front and back) that we completed in class today. The test format will be very similar! Test tomorrow!

Grades 5-6:

Study for tomorrow's BJU Grammar chapter 1 test by going over the Chapter 1 review worksheet we did in class today. The test format will be very similar.

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