Grades 3/4 and 5/6 ELA: 9-28-22

All Grades:

Remember you have both a spelling and vocabulary test tomorrow!

Grades 3/4:

Read chapter 11 in Follow My Leader. I did not assign chapter 11 questions, since we will probably do those together tomorrow in class. However, we did the chapter 10 questions together today, except for #11. Students are supposed to answer that one question at home tonight. (That is chapter 10, question 11).

Grades 5/6:

Finish answering the questions for chapters 11-12 in Hattie Big Sky.

After we finish our spelling/vocabulary tests tomorrow, I am letting students retake the BJU grammar test for chapter 1 if they want to. It is up to them to tell me if they plan to do the retake.

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