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Grades 3/4 and 5/6 ELA: 'Out of School' Work

All Grades:

Since we are not meeting 'in person' until Tuesday, we will just move this week's spelling and vocabulary tests to next Thursday.

Grades 3/4:

Read chapter 17 in Follow My Leader. This is the last chapter of the book. Also please answer the following chapter 17 questions on another sheet of paper. I gave the students a copy of the questions yesterday, but I don't think they printed correctly.

1. What challenges did Jimmy and Leader have on the hike?

2. Where did Leader sleep?

3. What noises did Jimmy think sounded the same in the woods?

4. After waking up, what did the boys decide to do? 5. What strange idea did Mike have?

5. What trouble did Mike get the boys into?

6. What direction did Jimmy give Leader?

7. What did the boys see from camp?

8. Why did the boys get in trouble?

9. What were some ideas on how Leader found the way back to camp?

10. What did Leader do when Jimmy asked him to guard his clothes?

11. Why did Chuck say Jimmy had nerve?

12. Why did Jimmy say, "Go get him!" to Leader.

13. What happened to Mike?

14. What did Mike want to do for Jimmy?

15. What did Jimmy do at the next Scout meeting?

16. Why did Jimmy have to demonstrate his tying skills?

17. What did Jimmy say Leader would do well in his spare time?

18. Research on the internet. Find information about guide dog schools. Write about what you learn.

Grades 5/6:

Please complete Bob Jones Grammar worksheet pg. 54

Finish reading Hattie Big Sky (chapters 20-23) and answer the following questions on another sheet of paper.

Chapter 20:

1. Why did Traft Martin contest Hattie’s claim? What are Traft Martin’s reasons?

2. Why is Mr. Ebgard asking Hattie about her life?

3. What was Mr. Ebgard’s decision about Hattie’s claim?

4. Why did Mr. Ebgard help Hattie?

Chapter 21:

1. Why does Rooster Jim make a point of telling Hattie about the Spanish influenza?

2. Why is Perilee not answering the door?

3. Who has the Spanish influenza?

4. Who recovers from influenza? Who doesn’t?

Chapter 22:

1. Who took care of Perilee and her family?

2. What happens to Traft’s family?

3. What is Perilee’s decision? Why is Perilee afraid to tell Hattie?

4. Where are Perilee and her family going?

5. What does Hattie make for Perilee? What does she call it?

Chapter 23:

1. What is Charlie’s proposal?

2. Why does Hattie feel that she needs to pay for her debts?

3. Who took Hattie to the train station?

4. Where will Hattie go from here?

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