Grades 3/4 and 5/6 ELA: Weekend Work

All Grades:

Because we were unable to have school or tests today (3/17)--we will have our tests next Wednesday, March 23rd instead. We will use this week's words for those tests, so there will be no new word lists for next week. In fact, these will be the last spelling/vocabulary tests until after Spring Break! :)

Grades 3/4:

Read chapters 15-16 in Charlotte's Web and answer the comprehension questions on the worksheet I sent home. Please use complete sentences.

Grades 5/6:

Look at pgs. 8-9 in your focus guide, then use that format to write a friendly letter to someone whom you think would enjoy receiving 'real' mail. Make your letter interesting, and pay close attention to capitalization, spelling, and punctuation as you write. We will review the letters next week and make revisions, if necessary. Then we will address envelopes and actually mail the letters. Make sure you have your recipient's mailing address.

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