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Grades 3/4 and 5/6 ELA: Weekend Work

All Grades:

New spelling and vocabulary lists for next week went home today.

Info for new families: We have one spelling test and one vocabulary test each Thursday. There are two bonus words that count for two points each on the spelling test, but all words are on the vocabulary test.

Grades 3/4:

Read pages 37-44 in American Tall Tales. This is about half of the chapter featuring Stormalong. I did not send home questions today.

Grades 5/6:

Read pages 81-91 in The Great Fire. This is about half of chapter 5. I also sent home questions for the entire chapter, but students should only answer the questions that correspond to the assigned page numbers for this weekend. We will finish the remainder of chapter 5 and the rest of the questions next week.

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