Grades 4, 5/6 ELA: Weekend Work

Grade 4:

-Finish reading chapters 8 & 9 in Ben in Me if you haven't already done so. Answer the comprehension questions for both chapters in complete sentences. I think most everyone finished the chapter 8 questions in class, but the chapter 9 questions will also need to be completed.

-We did not get to BJU Grammar worksheet pgs. 81/82 in class on Thursday as planned because we ran out of time, so we will go over that lesson together next Tuesday, the 18th. However, if students did not finish pg. 80 from this past Tuesday's class, please have that done before next week.

Grades 5/6:

-Read chapter 9 in Ben and Me and answer the corresponding comprehension questions in the blue focus guide.

-Finish BJU Grammar worksheet (pgs. 81-82) if it has not already been completed.

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