Grades 5/6 ELA: Weekend Assignments

1. Complete pg. 2 Independent Practice (BJU Grammar) on Sentences and Fragments.

2. New spelling/vocab words for next week were sent home today. I will also list them at the bottom of this post for reference.

3. Writing Assignment:

(This was also given as a handout at the end of class today.)

Who Was Henry David Thoreau?

In My Side of the Mountain, Bando called Sam “Thoreau.” Find out why!

Do some research on Henry David Thoreau.

Write a paragraph telling me who Thoreau was, what books he wrote, what he did, and why he’s famous. Then, tell me why Bando called Sam ‘Thoreau.”

The paragraph can either be typed or handwritten on a sheet of notebook paper, but please use complete sentences.

This assignment is due on Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

PS…How is his last name pronounced?


Spelling and Vocabulary Words for September 14-16, 2021

Students will be given one test for spelling and a separate test for vocabulary (matching) each Thursday!

Spelling Words and Definitions:

1. bashfully—timidly, shyly, coyly, modestly, sheepishly

2. burrows—tunnels, caves, dens, lairs, hollows

3. cache—supply, stash, hidden reserve; to hoard, hide, or save

4. devour—eat, swallow, plunder, consume

5. fascinate—captivate, charm, allure, overpower

6. indignity—insult, disrespect, scorn, humiliation, affront

7. mantle—shelf, ledge, coat, cloak

8. precaution—safeguard, preparation, defense

9. scheme—plan, strategy, device, plot

10 . sensation—emotion, feeling, wonder, impression

11 . sprinting—dashing, racing, darting

12 . terrified—afraid, scared, worried, alarmed

13 . ventilate—air, open, expose, freshen, oxygenate

14 . verge—brink, edge, limit, border

15 . wavery—fluttery, unsteady, flicker


All words will still be on the vocabulary test.

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