Grades 5/6 ELA: Work for 1/18-1/20

I am not planning to ZOOM this week, but please do the assignments below. And stay well!!


1. Read chapters 10, 11, and 12 in Ben and Me, then answer the corresponding comprehension questions in your blue focus guide.

2. Choose ONE of the following assignments below.

a. Pick a ‘Personally Thinking’ question from one of the three assigned chapters to use as a writing topic. (This means you just have to do one writing topic total—not one from each chapter.) Complete the writing assignment on another sheet of paper. Make sure you use correct grammar, punctuation, and write in complete sentences.


b. Choose a scene from one of the assigned chapters to summarize (or retell in your own words what happened). Do this on another sheet of paper, then draw the scene you summarized.



Keep practicing and studying the same words for this week and next. We will not have a test this week since we won't be at school, so we'll just carry these over.

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