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High School ELA and Brit Lit: 1-31-23

Grades 9/10:

-Continue studying for Thursday's vocabulary test.

-Finish your 'biography' paragraph from the 3rd-person point of view (POV) that you were assigned last week. Remember, you are writing about yourself as if you are talking about someone else. You need to create a paragraph with enough sentences to give information and details.

-Please read chapter 26 in The Count of Monte Cristo and answer the chapter questions if you have not done so already.

Brit Lit:

-If you have not done so, please read chapters 22-24 in Jane Eyre and answer the corresponding questions.

-Finish your 'character trait' assignment for both Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre. You need to list five traits for both characters with page numbers, if possible. These are due tomorrow.

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