High School ELA and Brit Lit: 10-5-22:

Grades 9/10:

Read chapters 25-26 in Unbroken and answer the reflection questions below.

Chapter 25: What hidden details did Louie put in a letter to his family that only they would know so that it was his “fingerprint” of authenticity?

Chapter 26: Explain your thoughts on how entertainment (like the plays put on by the men after finding the theatrical trunk) help people deal with difficult situations in their lives.

Complete pgs. 45-46 in Easy Grammar.

Work on Lesson 2 (Describing a Pet) in your WriteShop workbook. You should read the corresponding workbook pages and complete the "Observing a Pet" worksheet as well as the 'Making a Mind-map" page. This preliminary brainstorming work will be your foundation for the upcoming writing assignment.

If you are taking the PSAT next Wednesday, please be prepared to take your vocabulary test on Tuesday (10/11) instead of Wednesday (10/12). Thanks!

Brit Lit:

Continue working on your assigned essay. It will be due next Wednesday (9/12). I know many of you are taking the PSAT that morning and probably won't be in class, but please still plan on turning in your essays before you start testing. Thanks!

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