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High School ELA and Brit Lit: 11-29-22

Grades 9/10:

-Complete pg. 78 in Easy Grammar. We did pg. 77 in class.


Download PDF • 221KB

Work on the new sheet of questions (for chapters 1-8) for The Count of Monte Cristo that I passed out in class today. This set of questions matches the edition of the book we are using (Abridged Signet Classics). We worked on these in class today, and we will continue doing that tomorrow. Also, read chapter 9 and answer the corresponding questions on the new questions sheet. I will add a PDF link of the new questions here.


We worked on a Charles Dickens/A Christmas Carol PowerPoint Note sheet today. We will compete this assignment in class tomorrow, and then we will begin reading the book. Each chapter (stave) will have corresponding questions.

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