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High School ELA and Brit Lit: 2/28 and 3/1

Grades 9/10:

-Complete Easy Grammar pgs. 114-115.

-Read chapters 46-47 in The Count of Monte Cristo.

-Read and brainstorm information for pgs. 13-1 through 13-7 in your WriteShop books. Last week, you created your own 'emotional event' paragraph/paper for a writing assignment. This time, you will be interviewing another person (parent, grandparent, etc.) to find out about an 'emotional event' that they experienced. Use the information you record in your WriteShop book to create this written assignment. The minimum length for the assignment is 1/2 page. This assignment is due next Tuesday, March 7th.

-Remember to study for this Thursday's vocabulary test! Don't forget that the '3rd Nine Weeks' grading period ends next Wednesday.

Brit Lit:

-Read chapters 3-5 in Ivanhoe and answer the corresponding questions.

-Choose a writing exercise from pg. 77 in your workbook to complete. (A couple of the options are meant to be done AFTER you read the book, so select one that you can do NOW.) This assignment is due next Tuesday, March 7th.

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