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High School ELA and Brit Lit: 3-28-23

Grades 9/10:

-Read chapter 60 in The Count of Monte Cristo.

-Brainstorm ideas for turning your 'pet peeve' into a humorous essay. You may 'exaggerate and add to' your content in order to create a funny scenario or retelling. Just remember that your 'pet peeve' is the star of the show, so build your essay around it. Look at the examples on the worksheets you received last week to show you how to format your work. This paper will be due next Tuesday, April 4th.

-If you were not in class today, please do Easy Grammar pg. 134.

Brit Lit:

-Read chapters 20-21 in Ivanhoe and answer the corresponding questions in your workbook.

-You will have a quiz on Thursday, and it will cover what has happened in Ivanhoe through chapter 20.

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