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High School ELA and Brit Lit: 8-23-22

High School ELA: Grades 9 and 10

Continue memorizing prepositions.

Read the Introduction and Chapter 1 in Unbroken and pay close attention to the vocabulary words on the worksheet I gave out in class today. Look up the definitions if you need to. Also, answer the reflection questions for both the Intro and Chapter 1. Please write in complete sentences.

Brit Lit

Here is a recap of the assignment I gave today. You have until Thursday to complete it.

The social world that Jane Austen depicts in Pride and Prejudice is the world of landed gentry, and their central problems are maintaining social prestige, marrying acceptably, and inheriting property.

Research English country life in the early-mid 19th century for both upper and middle/lower classes. What was acceptable and/or unacceptable behavior at the time for both men and women? What were some big differences between the wealthy, landowning class and the working classes?

Think about relationships. Could bad behavior or even questionable conduct ruin a young lady’s chances for a good marriage—or even ruin the chances of suitable marriage offers for her siblings? What would happen if a wealthy person wanted to marry someone from a lower class?

Write at least two paragraphs presenting some of the information you found interesting—and then in another paragraph, briefly explain your thoughts and opinions about this early-mid 19th-century social world. But remember you are forming judgments from a 21st-century viewpoint!

This means your paper will be 3-4 paragraphs total.

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