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High School ELA and Brit Lit: 9-13-22

High School ELA (Grades 9-10):

Read chapter 11 in Unbroken and answer the chapter 11 reflection question.

Study for Thursday's vocabulary test.

I will be checking Easy Grammar workbooks tomorrow to make sure students have completed all pages through pg. 24. We go over every single worksheet in class, so there should be no reason for undone work--unless a student has been absent.

Brit Lit:

Read chapters 43-46 in Pride and Prejudice and answer the corresponding ten comprehension questions on pgs. 47-48 in student workbooks.

Students need to turn in their 'characterization' assignment (Writing Exercise #3 on pg. 56 in the student workbook) by Thursday.

Characterization 'Flip Books' are due by next Thursday, September 22nd.

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