High School ELA and Brit Lit: 9-28-22:

Grades 9 and 10:

-Study for tomorrow's vocabulary test.

-Read chapters 21-22 in Unbroken and answer the following reflection questions:

Chapter 21:

Belief can be a very powerful motivator. What does 'belief' mean to you and what is something you believe strongly about?

Chapter 22:

What might a failed escape attempt mean for the prisoners?

-Finish Easy Grammar pg. 37.

-Complete the brainstorming assignment for a 'concrete object' on pg. 1-9 in WriteShop. Don't forget to bring your concrete object to class tomorrow.

Brit Lit:

Your Characterization Flip Books are due tomorrow (9/29). If possible, please try to include full sentences and the page numbers for your cited information. That will save me a lot of time when I begin grading.

-Be sure to complete your study guides for the P&P full book test, which will be next Tuesday (10/4).

-I will be sending home info for your 'Compare and Contrast' writing assignment either tomorrow or Tuesday.

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