High School ELA and Brit Lit: 'Out of School' Work

I hope everyone who has been sick is feeling better--and I hope the rest of you stay WELL!

Grades 9/10:

We will obviously not have our vocabulary test this week, but please be prepared to take it next WEDNESDAY, November 2nd. I originally said we would take the vocab test next Thursday, but I am changing that up because I plan to give a book test over Unbroken on that day (Thursday, 11/3).

I am working on a study guide for the Unbroken test, which will mostly be multiple choice and short answer. I will try to get that study guide posted here by Friday, and we will go over the answers on Tuesday so you can be studying.

In addition, you should complete the 'person/description' paragraph I assigned in class yesterday from the picture you chose from my magazine stack and have it ready to turn in Tuesday. For students who were not in class, this assignment is for a NEW picture (not the one YOU brought to class last week). I brought in a bunch of pictures from magazines, and students each chose one to use. They had to brainstorm a name, occupation, background, description, personality, and future plans for their 'picture person.' Then they are using that information to create a descriptive paragraph (written in complete sentences). Please choose a picture from a magazine or print one from online that you can TURN IN to me with your completed paragraph--no pictures on your phones, please. Also, it should not be a famous person or movie star. This assignment is due next Tuesday--and it is for a grade. Pay attention to spelling and punctuation.

You should also have all Easy Grammar workbook pages completed through pg. 63.

Brit Lit:

Yesterday, I assigned chapters 5-7 in Frankenstein, plus the corresponding questions in your workbooks. However, since we will not be back in class until next Tuesday, I would also like you to read chapters 8-10 and answer those questions as well.

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