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High School ELA and Brit Lit: Weekend Work

High School ELA (Grades 9 and 10):

Read chapter 6 in Unbroken.

Answer the reflection question I wrote on the board.

Start now studying for next week's vocabulary test.

Extra Credit Opportunity: (worth 2 points to be added to next week's vocabulary test).

Read this article about the history of Superman

Why might the crew of Louie’s B­24 have named their plane after the famous superhero?

Brit Lit:

Please read the next eight chapters (chapters 24-31) and answer the corresponding comprehension questions (listed as Volume II, questions 1-8 in your workbook) in complete sentences.

*We've figured out that our curriculum and student workbooks are geared to a specific 200th Anniversary Signet edition of the book. That is not the edition we have. Our edition is not divided into 'volumes.' Therefore, we will need to readjust chapter numbers to 'fit' in with the assigned questions in the workbooks. I will make note of the information as we get to it. I am so sorry for the confusion--but we'll figure it out!

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