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High School ELA and Brit Lit: Weekend Work

Grades 9/10:

-Research paper/report project information went home today. This assignment is a BIG part of your grade for this last 9 weeks, so please do your best to create and submit a well-written paper. If you read through all of the information I gave you--and follow the guidelines and sample format, you will be fine. The paper is due on Tuesday, May 9.

-Finish reading chapter 3 in The Hiding Place and answer the corresponding questions. I will check for completion on Tuesday.

-Study for next week's vocabulary test. New lists went home today.

-I also sent home extra credit opportunity information today. You have the means to improve your grade if you need to, but it's your responsibility to do the work and turn it in by May 9th.

Brit Lit:

-Read chapters 33-34 in Ivanhoe and answer the corresponding questions in your workbook.

-You will have a quiz (through chapter 32) next week, so be sure you have caught up on your reading!

-Don't forget about your extra-credit opportunities if you want to improve your grade. Everything is due by May 9th.

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