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High School ELA and Brit Lit: Weekend Work

Grades 9/10:

-Finish reading The Hiding Place, answer the questions, and complete the study guide for next week's test.

-Your test over The Hiding Place is Wednesday.

-Research papers are due Tuesday! Remember, your title page and works cited page don't count toward the four required pages. You should have 1 title page, 4 pages of your report, and 1 works cited page. This makes 6 pages in all.

-Extra credit assignments are also due Tuesday.

Brit Lit:

-All extra credit assignments are due on Tuesday.

-Read the second chapter of the short story "Rebecca and Rowena" in your workbook and answer the questions.

-Your Ivanhoe test is on Tuesday.

-In class today, we began our last writing assignment, and these papers should be turned in on Wednesday.

  1. Rewrite a short scene from the book or a made-up scene, but 'flip the character' as Thackeray did in the short story we read in the workbook. (Example: make Ivanhoe weak and cowardly or Prince John virtuous and brave).

  2. Write one paragraph to tell which book in Brit Lit was your favorite and why, then write one paragraph telling which book you liked the least and why.

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