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High School ELA and Brit Lit: Weekend Work

Grades 9/10:

-I sent home next week's vocabulary words today. Review the words every day, and you won't feel as overwhelmed when it comes time to sit down with your test paper on Thursday!

-Finish reading Unbroken through the Epilogue and answer the reflection questions.

-Complete Easy Grammar pg. 63.

-Create a 'character sheet' (using bullet points) for the 'person' you chose to profile. Use the image you brought to class--but remember you are creating an imaginary person for this assignment. Also, you do not have to write a paragraph for this weekend's assignment. You are creating more of a data sheet or outline.


Name (fictional, not real)

Physical Description (with approximate age)


Personality Traits

Background Information

Character's Future Plans

Brit Lit:

Read chapters 3-4 in Frankenstein and answer the corresponding questions in your student workbook.

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