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High School Physical Science

Study for your test on Module 2 which will be on Tuesday, September 26th.

Begin working on your scientist project. You will be presenting your scientist to the class on Tuesday, October 3rd. You will have to have some type of visual aid for your presentation.

Answer the following questions about your scientist:

1 - Give the background (education, family, where did they live) of your scientist.

2 - What was their main scientific field of study?

3 - What was their main discovery and contribution to the atomic theory?

4 - Describe their experiments and discovery process.

5 - Provide any information you find interesting about your scientist

Democritus - Christian Barber

John Dalton - Tyler Owens

Antoine Lavoisier - Fiona Casimiro

J.J. Thomson - Alyssa Futrill

William Thomason - Sydnee Brock

Ernest Rutherford - Landen Blanchett

James Chadwick - Cameron Maves

Aristotle - Mikey Bowers

Joseph Proust - Grace James

Niels Bohr - Ayden Gilley

Erwin Schrodinger - Jack Morrison

Dmitri Mendeleev - Noah Clements

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