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High School World History

November 11, 2022

Read section three.

Choose something you read that sounded interesting and write a two page paper. I do not want JUST a biography of a person. If you write about the person, make sure you are writing about their contributions to The Great Awakening. You could write about how this time period changed the lives of families. The judicial system changed. You could choose to focus of how the university systems changed their focus. You can write on what makes a pulpit. If you are sitting and reading this going WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT? Go back and reread the second section. Look for something that really sparked your interest. Make sure to text me what you plan to write on so that I know we are all on the same page. We need a Great Awakening in this country today!

This paper must be two pages typed. It is due next Thursday, so take your time.

For those that need to redo the last test, it will be given on Tuesday. Study.


Mrs. Lynn


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