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High School World History

Sept. 9th, 2022

What have you found interesting? These are real people, with dreams, desires, attitude problems, hopes, disappointment, and every other emotion you can think of. Do not just read our book as another boring history book. Read and allow some of the people to come alive. Good or bad, they have a story to tell.

Read the next section in France for discussion on Tuesday.

Turn on the television and watch the news…watch it online…watch it however you can! We are seeing history! The death of Queen Elizabeth II is a historical event that you get to witness.

This weekend, read about her life, and write a paper about what you found interesting. This is a leap in history, but we are living this moment with the rest of the world. You may write about her life, what this will mean for England, or about the new king, King Charles III.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Lynn


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