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History 7th & 8th 09/29/23

Due: Tuesday, October 10,2023

You will need to make a pamphlet over the Colony that you drew for in class. If you don't remember ask me.

Fold your pamphlet so that it's in three sections. You will have 6 sides and you will use all sides front and back to create your pamphlet on.


• The name of your Colony

• The area your colony is located- New England, Middle, or Southern

• Draw an outline of your colony and include what's the capital today.

• When was it founded? What year?

• What was it founded for?

• Who was it settled by?

• How large was it/ population?

• Resources it was know for.

• Two interesting facts about it.

• Include at least two pictures. Either printed and pasted or drawn.

• What would draw someone to visit your Colony!

Make it creative and have fun with it.

You can write or type it. Just make it neat and where I can read it.

Due Tuesday, October 10,2023.


I sent an instruction page home for it as well.


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