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History and Health - 9/9

History of the World

Finish the People from pg. 38

Do the Map Skills on pg. 38

Read chapter 4 ( This should always include notes of what you read if you are not answering the questions)

New World History

We read sections 3.1 and 3.2 the students should answer the Comprehension Check questions 3A pg. 28 and 3B pg. 30.

Do section C on pg. 47. Be reviewing A & B from Chapter Checkup too. We practice these daily in class, but some students need more individual map practice to retain the locations.

Complete map pg. 5 and finish pg. 7 if they didn't in class.

Practice the portion of the Declaration of Independence we are memorizing ( it should be highlighted in their book)

Our first project is coming up... details next week. If you want to pick your top 4 choices instead of being assigned a random tribe look on page 384 and choose 2 tribes from North America and 1 tribe from Middle and South America.


Complete your food journal from 9/8 to 9/12. It does not have to include specific amounts, but should include all food (snacks/candy too) and drinks(even water). Don't try to eat different than you normally do, this is to see just what we are consuming.



8:30 London Fog (homemade)

1:30 cheeseburger from Checkers

3:15 London Fog ( Red Owl)

3:30 & 5:00 twizzlers and water

9:00 Spaghetti , garlic bread, sweet tea

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