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History of the World- 9/23

Chapter 6 Terms. Complete the questions 6.5 and 6.6. Study for your test on Wed.

Project due 10/4

Each student has been assigned an ancient civilization or a Biblical figure to complete this assignment.

The students need a 2 page (font 12) paper about their topic and a visual aid of their choice.

Requirements for a civilization are as follows:

Map- Where were they located

Time Period- Dates they were around

Government- type, key rulers



Contributions to history if any


Rise and Fall- who did they conquer and who conquered them


Fun Facts-2

Requirements for a person:

Meaning of their name

Time period they lived- when and where

Map showing their location as well as surrounding nations

Rulers during their time period

Known family information- ancestry and family life

Accomplishments/Influence on history- Important acts and events

Hardships/ Obstacles

Weaknesses/ Strengths

Fun Facts-2 or 2 Life lessons we can learn from this figure

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