Land Animals (Nov. 15-17)

PARENTS: I am sorry for my CRAZY this weekend: I didn't realize I put Thurs.'s 5th/6th gr. Anatomy assignment on this board! Please forgive me. We had a death in the family & I had my grandsons staying with me. So I really was crazy for a few days!!😜But if your child did the extra work, I will give them extra credit for it!

Tues. & Wed.: WB p. 99-102 Make a travel brochure for Africa featuring Primates (Old World Primates p. 99/100). (New World Monkeysp.101/102) Make it colorful, with facts & highlight pictures of your own of primates you’ll find there.

Thurs.: Enjoy your Thanksgiving Vacation! I am thankful for YOU!

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