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Land Animals (Sept. 13-15)

Tuesday: Read p. 31-41 (Ch. 3)

Wednesday: Color WB p. 39. Add notes on WB p. 41 – draw a bear in big box, label it - Plantigrade, draw an arrow to the part of it that makes it a plantigrade. Add why they are not True Hibernators” to your notes.

Thursday: List the different 6 kinds of bears on WB p. 42 in the box. Read p. 41-50 Do “Try This!” on textbook p. 41 for a few hrs. Do Experiment textbook p. 50. (Takes about 20-25 min.) Be sure to write your hypothesis on WB p. 55 before you do the experiment! Write up experiment on Scientific Speculation Sheet WB p. 55.

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