Life is so much more interesting when you know stuff...

Creative Writing

Write your 50 word Flash Fiction piece...your set up is that you are a Christian living in Kabul. One morning you are in prayer when there is a loud knock on your door. What happens?

Which is correct (choose and write on your paper)...1. its time to're beautiful...3. the book's are ready to read...4. If you were paying attention...5. Its life was cut short...6. The picture frame rule is important...7. Capital letters take up only half of a space...8. The girls team will play...9. The girls are playing at noon...10. The most important sentence is the first sentence...

Define these words: theme protagonist antagonist dialogue climax point-of-view narrator

The Bible as Literature

The next ten books of the Old Testament need to be memorized...

Read carefully page 8 (start at the break) to page 20 (stop at the break) There will be questions...

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