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Mrs. Lynn’s Classes

February 17, 2023

World History:

Read section three...We will discuss it on Wednesday. Communism was suppose to create equality between the classes, promote peace because there would no longer be a class struggle, and perfect society. Choose a current communist country and research the to see if the country has achieved the goal of a utopian society. Record what you find to prove your point. This will be a discussion, so an essay is not required.

8th Grade Language Arts:

Read, "After the Battle" page 226. Do the questions on page 236.

Also, what does this quote mean, "will them cannons always be hungry?"

This quote is a personification. Find other personifications in the story.

7th Grade Language Arts:

You need to select the three points that you want to use in your research paper. Research these points and record what you learn. Make sure to note the source of your information. Next week, we will write from these notes, so make sure you understand what you are writing.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Lynn


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