Mrs. Lynn’s Classes

March 17, 2022

World History

Finish reading the chapter on World War 2. You do not have to do the questions. I will send you the study guide by tomorrow. Test on Thursday.

World Literature

Do the section on Comparing Adverbs. Do the practice sections for this, but you do not have to do the cumulative review sections. Pay close attention to the three cases of comparative adverbs. It is exactly like comparative adjectives.

Find a photo of a great memory and bring it to class on Tuesday. Yes…a real Live Photo, not one still on the phone. Make sure it is one that you can write about. It does not have to be something big or amazing…like going to Paris. It can simply be fishing, grandparents, or whatever you find a special memory.

7th Grade Language Arts

Keep on reading….we are almost finished with our adventure. Who are your favorite characters? Choose three favorite characters. Write a paragraph about EACH character. The paragraph needs to include specific events or deeds about the character that made you like them.

Read through chapter 43 this weekend.


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