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Mrs.Lynn’s Classes 3/17

World History:

That was a HEAVY video yesterday. What stood out to you? What thoughts did you have? What would you hoped we had learned from the past? Do you think we are too civilized to suffer events like this today?

Write a response to yesterday's viewing. There is not a certain length. Take time to think. Reflect. Pray. Write your heart. I know reading, answering questions or assigning you a topic to research is easier. I do not want easy. I believe history, and the people of history, desires a response from us.

8th Grade Grammar AND 7th Grade Grammar:

I hoped you enjoyed Chandler and his Interjection Lesson. I thought you would enjoy a fun approach to a "boring" subject. Finish your comic strips. Do your BEST work! Make sure interjections are in your writing. Have FUN!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Lynn

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