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Mrs. Lynn’s Classes 3/3/2023

I know the end is near. I know we are all tired. I know the weather is more conducive for activity, and not school work. However, your grades are still dependent upon the work! Do not drop the ball; we are almost there!

High School World History:

Finish reading chapter 24 and choose something that interests you. Write a two page paper digging deeper into the subject. We will present the papers on Tuesday.

Look at March 13th for our fieldtrip to The Infantry Museum. Let me know if that date works. I need a couple of parents who might can help chaperone and drive.

8th Grade Language Arts:

Test over Adverbs Tuesday. It will be open book, but you still need to look over the book.


Look at the quote on page 255, "The property is not yours. You got it by a legal trick; the Judge who hear you was bound by technicalities of language. But you are old, Wolf, and the next Judge will go behind the record. He will be hard to face. He has expressed Himself on these affairs. 'If widow and the orphan cry to me, I will surely hear their cry.' Sinister words, Wolf, for one who comes with a case like yours into the court of Final Equity."

Write a paragraph telling me what this means. Hint: it has a deeper meaning than just going to court.

Find evidence to support your answer.

This is an exercise in implicit meanings and deductive reasoning,

7th Grade Language Arts:

Adverbs test on Tuesday. It is open book, but please look over your notes before Tuesday.

Finish writing your third point paragraph for your research paper. We will learn how to transition from one paragraph to the next on Wednesday. Make sure you bring all three

paragraphs with you. I gave most of you a blue folder to keep up with all the pieces and parts.

Read, "The Last Leaf," essay for class next week.

For those of you who did NOT do your work last Wednesday (you know who you are,) read "Most Valuable Player," and do all questions on page 220.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Lynn


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