Mrs. Lynn’s Language Arts

August 20, 2021

What a great first week! Glad to see all the familiar faces and cannot wait to get to know my new students! Remember that you may contact me if you have questions or need extra help! I am always available.

Mrs. Lynn


7th Grade


Pages: 7-10 (1-4, 1-5, and 1-6)


Write one paragraph on your chosen hero…remember that a paragraph is AT LEAST five sentences. Your will turn this in, so make sure it is on notebook paper or typed.

Tate, you were not here for the first assignment, but we talked about what I wanted yesterday. If you need more instruction, just message me.

Keaton, get your mom or dad to Help you choose someone.

8th Grade


Pages 6-8 (1-4 and 1-6)


Read, ”Miss Hinch” (pages 4-18) and answer questions on page 18. Make sure you note any “clues” you find in the story. The editors say that there are 12 clues. How many can you find! There might be a reward for those that show great detective skills!

Levi, you asked what other words you needed to find the definitions for. Here they are:





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