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Mrs. Tulah's Awesome classes 9/16

We are officially halfway through our first 9 weeks. Each of my classes will have a test on 9/28. Both of my history classes will have a project due on 10/4.

History of the World

Read chapter 5 ( no notes needed since we discussed the chapter in class)

Do the People and Places on pg. 47

Finish the quizzes if you didn't in class and if you were going to correct your test have that by Tuesday.

Choose an ancient civilization, ancient nation, or an Old Testament Bible character that impacted world history ( for example Esther yes, Ruth no)

Here are a few to pick from, but you can choose a different one as long as I approve it/them. Only 2 students can do the same nation/person so, you may want a backup.

Mesopotamians King David

Ancient India Joseph

Ancient Egyptians Abraham

Persians Moses

Phoenicians Esther

Ancient Chinese Daniel

Roman Deborah

Greek Rebekah





New World History

Continue to memorize The Declaration of Independence this is to be recited 9/22.

Complete D and E on page 47

Map pages 9, 11, & 13 (these are for a grade). Be sure to do all of the labeling and coloring.

Each student was assigned a Native American tribe that they will be doing a project on. The project is due 10/4

The students will do a Diorama or a model home with a visual aid to display.

A short paper telling about their Native American Tribe and Region.

Things to be included:

Food- Did they hunt or farm? What did they eat? Who cooked, hunted, or farmed?

Homes-What were they called? What were they made of? Was the tribe nomadic (moved to follow food) or stable?

Clothes- What kind of clothes did the tribe wear? Did men/women dress differently?

Region- What region of the New World did the tribe live in? What was the environment? (plains, mountains, forest, polar, etc.)

Ceremonies/Traditions/Religion- Were there traditions or ceremonies for weddings, births, young men, etc.?

Art-Did it tell stories? What was art displayed on?


Finish reading chapter 3 and complete the vocabulary page.

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