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Mrs. Tulah’s classes

We finished our second week and are diving into history and health.

History of the World

Finish reading the chapter and complete your notes if you didn’t complete this in class. Do the People and Terms on page 17. Use your book to find the answers. Know the Places on map page9. Continue memorizing Genesis 1:1-3.

New World History

Complete map page 3 using your maps in the back of your textbook. Read pages 15-22 and answer the Comprehension questions questions on pg.18, 20,& 22. Keep practicing The American’s Creed to recite.


Read pages 32-38 and take notes over what you read. You need a minimum of 12 notes.

Be thinking ahead and start on your PowerPoint presentation. Minimum of 6 slides covering your assigned systems. Presentations on September 8.

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