Mrs. Tulah's Classes- 10/7

What a beautiful day the Lord has made! I hope your family is enjoying the nice weather we have had the past few days. Next week you will have an extra long weekend to enjoy together. Hopefully, it will still be nice weather.

History of the World

Read pages 72-76. Complete the questions for sections 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5. We will take a quiz over chapter 7 next Wednesday. We will take a quiz over this chapter next week.

For extra credit complete the People, Events and Terms from the end of chapter 7. We will most likely be doing this in class next week.

New World History

Fantastic job on your Native American project presentations! This week we have been extra busy. We learned about the Eastern United States. We also are learning all about land forms on pg. 354 looking up definitions for new ones like an archipelago and a sound. It will help if they review these at home. We are still learning from our map on pg. 342-343, this chapter has us focusing on bays and gulfs. We are memorizing The Preamble to the Constitution too.

Due 10/12- Read pages 59-61. answer the comprehension questions on pages 57, 59 , and 61 and complete D, E, and F on page 62. Next week we will do a map page take the quizzes from this chapter and have a weekend with no homework.


Write a 1 page paper (12pt font and can be double spaced) on the assigned infectious disease. You are high school students, please have an introduction paragraph and a conclusion with at least 2 additional paragraphs. In your paper tell me what type of infectious disease( viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic), how the disease is spread, what treatments if any are available, the symptoms of the disease (how does it affect the body) , complications if any, and how to prevent the disease, and any other important information about the disease.

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