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Mrs Tulah’s classes-12/2

The sprint is on getting to Christmas break and the end of the 2nd nine weeks.

History of the World

Complete Quiz 13 open book. Finish reading chapter 12 and take notes 2 per page. Answer the Section questions for 12.4 page 129 and 12.5 page 132. We will test over chapter 13 next Thursday.

New World History

Complete the 2 open book quizzes sent home. Finish reading chapter 7 (for those in class on Thursday we were on Georgia pg. 115) Complete Chapter 7 Checkup F, H, J and K. Comprehension Check E and F can be done for extra credit. We will do G and I in class together on Tuesday. Continue to memorize the first two sections of The Gettysburg Address. We will test over chapter 7 on Tuesday 12/13.


No homework

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