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Mrs. Tulah's Classes 2/24

History of the World

Finish reading pages 250-251. Complete the section questions for 18.1(skip 9), 18.2 (odd only), 18.3, and 18.4


Complete the budget handout from class. Write a simple monthly budget on the back or another sheet of paper.

New World History

Complete C, D, E, and F on page 284. Study all 50 states and capitals. Complete map pages 65 and 67 from your map book. We will take our test over this chapter next Tuesday 3/7.

Eat Your Way Around the New World project:

Due March 21

Each student has a country from the New World. We are making a tourist brochure for the assigned country. The students can incorporate everything onto an actual piece of paper or use a poster-board and fold it like a brochure.

Eat Your Way Around the World Brochure

Front Cover:

Name of Country and a map of your country.

Students will need to research different aspects to add to their travel brochure. The guide must include:

• At least two popular cultural events (holidays, festivals, etc.)

• At least two major historic places to visit

• One must try dish cuisine (The student is bringing in a dish from the country)

• Recommended method of travel

• Two major cities (one including the capital of the country)

• An interesting cultural aspect (national sport, art, music, etc.)

After researching important information, students will need to draw or print pictures which depict their information. Next, the students will design a layout for their pictures in the brochure. After designing the layout the students will glue the pictures and add the information about each picture.

The back page of the guide will be designated for students to create 3 recommendations for someone preparing to travel to the country and 3 fun facts.

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