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Mrs. Tulah’s Classes

Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed their break and got to sleep in a few days. All of my classes jumped right in and got busy this week.

History of the World

Finish reading through page 143. Complete the Dates to Remember on page 146. Answer all of the Section Reviews 13.1, 13.2, &13.3. Be sure to answer all of the questions and both parts of the question has double questions. We will take a quiz over 13.1-13.2 on Tuesday. (Hint: It has all 3 dates on it.)

New World History

We are memorizing the states and capitals this 9 weeks. Practice the first 15 and we will add some each week. We will also take a quiz over the ones we've practiced each Tuesday until we know all 50.

Complete C & D from the Chapter Checkup on pages 147-148. For extra credit the students can write the answers to Comprehension Checks A, B, & C. (This should be easy since we answered all of them together in class.)


Complete the vocabulary page. Write a few sentences about

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